The Royal Wedding Memorabilia Is Out of Control in the Best Way Possible

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding is just days away, and what better way to celebrate it than buy a life-size cutout of the couple? Or dolls made in their likeness? Or condoms with their faces on them? I’m simultaneously joking and being serious when I say this. Joking, because these are some whacky ideas for trinkets, but serious because they 100 percent exist. You could really log on to Amazon and buy a Prince Harry cutout right now if that’s your jam.

But these objects are just the tip of the “weird royal wedding memorabilia” iceberg. Want a Harry and Meghan apron? It exists. A cookie? Yup, that’s real too. Cereal? You got it.

Here are the 13 most…interesting Meghan and Harry wedding favors we found on the Internet. Only diehard royal family aficionados should purchase—and people who really like socks.

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