Polls in Kiiwetinoong showed poor turnout in previous provincial elections

Kiiwetinoong, the new riding in northwestern Ontario for the 2018 provincial election, was created to give communities in the most remote parts of the province a voice in provincial matters.

The riding, the only one in Ontario where the bulk of the population is Indigenous, has a population of nearly 33,000, spread throughout a number of small communities.

The largest population centre, Sioux Lookout, has just over 5,000 inhabitants.

When the second largest community, Red Lake, has its population added to Sioux Lookout, nearly a third of the riding’s potential votes are found in the two communities.

Using Elections Ontario data from the 2014 election, just over 1,800 voters cast a ballot from far northern communities. Nearly 5,000 other votes were cast in the area from municipalities, including Red Lake and Sioux Lookout.

The results from 2014 are similar to what was seen in the 2011 provincial election.

The percentage of the people casting a vote varied widely, with nearly 25 percent of the population of North Caribou Lake casting a ballot, and fewer than 10 percent of the population of Sandy Lake voting.

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