Own a typical home in Edmonton? You'll pay $62 more this year

Owners of a typical home in Edmonton will pay 1.8 per cent more in property taxes this year compared to last year, the city announced after making budget adjustments this month. 

In early April, city council approved an overall increase of 3.5 per cent. That rate factors in different kinds of properties, such as multi-family units and non-residential properties. It also takes into account the province’s education tax.

Owners of the typical home valued at about $399,500 will have to pay $62 more in property tax this year, a total of $3,470.

The city said that breaks down to $2,476 for more than 80 municipal programs and services, such as police, fire, road work, public transit, parks, libraries and recreation centres.

The remaining $994 goes toward the provincial education tax, which the city collects on behalf of the Alberta government. 

The city says the tax increase amounts to about $5 a month for the owner of an average home in Edmonton. (City of Edmonton)

The province froze the amount municipalities must pay this year.

Tax notices will be mailed to property owners May 22 and the deadline to pay taxes is June 30, 2018.


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