Sentencing hearing underway for man who kidnapped Edmonton businessman

Alexander Davidoff wiped tears from his eyes Tuesday morning as he described the injuries that have haunted him since he was kidnapped and beaten five years ago.

In his victim impact statement, the businessman said he still has severe nerve pain and concussion symptoms after being beaten and held against his will.

He spoke at a sentencing hearing for Raheel  Khalon, who was convicted of kidnapping.

Davidoff was president of the Glenora Skyline at the time, an ambitious luxury condominium project. He was kidnapped on July 21, 2013, when he went to meet with business associates in west Edmonton.

He was released two days later when an RCMP emergency response team stormed a house in Sherwood Park.

Davidoff said he experienced “sadistic torture” and described the day he was kidnapped as the darkest day of his life.

“Everything I worked hard for so many years was completely wiped out,” he told court Tuesday. “Everything had been stolen from me, including my health, physical and mental. My mind, which was always so sharp, was now full of heavy fog.”

Davidoff said he suffered a broken jaw and head injuries, lost feeling in his legs and shoulders and has flashbacks of the incident. He said years later he still feels physically and mentally impaired and suffers depression and exhaustion.

Davidoff said he doesn’t think he would have survived his injuries had he not been in good health beforehand. 

Davidoff had invested his life and savings into the Glenora Skyline development, but he could not see it to completion, he said. New owners took over the project in 2016, and renamed it West Block.

“He robbed me of everything,” he said, as Khalon, dressed in a blue jumpsuit, watched from the prisoner’s box.

“All this would never happen … if not for the action of this defendant.”

The Crown is recommending a sentence of 15 years for Khalon. The defence is arguing he should serve eight years, with credit for time served already.

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