The Best Movies of 2018

  • <img src=”” alt=”January 12: The Post“/>

    January 12: The Post

    This awards-season favorite, which had a limited release in December, is now playing in theaters nationwide. Meryl Streep plays Katharine Graham, the first female publisher of a major American newspaper, who goes head-to-head with Nixon’s government concerning Vietnam War secrets.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”January 12: Proud Mary “/>

    January 12: Proud Mary

    This action film stars Taraji P. Henson as a hit woman for an organized crime family in Boston. So think Cookie from Empire but with a license to kill. Expect several excellent one-liners and ass-kicking scenes galore.

    ©Screen Gems/Courtesy Everett Collection

  • <img src=”” alt=”January 19: Phantom Thread “/>

    January 19: Phantom Thread

    Larger cities got to check out Phantom Thread in December, but everyone can see it after January 19. Daniel Day-Lewis gives another showstopping performance as a 1950s couture designer whose entire lifestyle changes after meeting a young woman named Alma (Vicky Krieps).

    Laurie Sparham / Focus Features

  • <img src=”” alt=”January 26: Forever Girl“/>

    January 26: Forever Girl

    A country star returns home in this charming, Nicholas Sparks–adjacent film starring the supremely talented Jessica Rothe (who broke out after last year’s horror-comedy Happy Death Day).

    ©Roadside Attractions/Courtesy Everett Collection

  • <img src=”” alt=”February 2: Winchester “/>

    February 2: Winchester

    This supernatural horror film stars Helen Mirren as Sarah Winchester, the real-life widow who built and barricaded herself inside the Winchester Mystery House upon suspicion she was being haunted. Spooky stuff.

    CBS Films/Everett Collection

  • <img src=”” alt=”February 9: Permission “/>

    February 9: Permission

    Your favorite Dan Stevens brings his dreamy self to this romantic comedy about a couple who decides to open up their relationship before tying the knot.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”February 9: Fifty Shades Freed“/>

    February 9: Fifty Shades Freed

    Ana and Christian are now married, moving into a huge-ass house, and still having lots of kinky sex on the reg. What could go wrong? (Answer: Ana’s off-the-rails former boss, that’s what!) The trilogy is almost over, people.

    ©Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection

  • <img src=”” alt=”February 16: Black Panther “/>

    February 16: Black Panther

    Chadwick Boseman and Lupita Nyong’o star in this superhero live-action film about the Black Panther (Boseman), who goes to war with an old enemy to save his native, technologically advanced country, Wakanda.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”February 23: Annihilation“/>

    February 23: Annihilation

    After her husband mysteriously goes missing on an expedition, a woman (Natalie Portman) ventures to the dangerous territory where he was last seen to find him. Portman is an incredible action-film actress, so we’re excited to check this one out.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”February 23: Game Night “/>

    February 23: Game Night

    Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams) are just your average suburban couple who host a game night every week. However, things go haywire when Max’s brother suggests they swap their board games for a murder mystery—in which he gets kidnapped. As the film unfolds, Max and Annie hilariously start to realize this murder mystery is the real deal…and Max’s brother might not be who he seems.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”March 2: Red Sparrow “/>

    March 2: Red Sparrow

    After she suffers a career-ending injury, a former ballerina receives intelligence training from a secret school and becomes a deadly assassin. Jennifer Lawrence stars.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”March 9: A Wrinkle in Time“/>

    March 9: A Wrinkle in Time

    This intergalactic epic centers around a young girl, Meg (Storm Reid), who is helped by three space queens to find her missing scientist father (Chris Pine): Mrs. Who (Mindy Kaling), Mrs. Whatsit (Reese Witherspoon), and Mrs. Which (Oprah Winfrey). Yes, my friends, all of that star power in one movie.


  • <img src=”” alt=”March 16: Tomb Raider“/>

    March 16: Tomb Raider

    Alicia Vikander steps into Lara Croft’s adventure tank top in this Tomb Raider reimagining, which details our heroine’s first expedition to clear her father’s name.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”March 23: Midnight Sun“/>

    March 23: Midnight Sun

    Last year we had Everything, Everything, a bizarre romantic drama about a young girl who physically couldn’t go outside. Now we have Midnight Sun, a Bella Thorne vehicle with the same plot save for one detail: She can go outside, just not during the day. She’s “extremely sensitive” to the sun, which means she stays inside until it goes down. We’re not sure why this is such a movie trend, but we’ll see it regardless.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”March 30: Mary Magdalene

    March 30: Mary Magdalene

    The Biblical story of Mary Magdalene is told with a fresh vision in this upcoming epic, starring Rooney Mara in the titular role and Joaquin Phoenix as Jesus Christ.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”April 6: Blockers“/>

    April 6: Blockers

    John Cena and Leslie Mann star in this cheeky comedy about parents who try to stop their teenage kids from losing their virginity on prom night. It seems a little standard, sure, but Mann’s presence elevates it drastically.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”April 6: A Quiet Place“/>

    April 6: A Quiet Place

    Real-life couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski star in this supernatural thriller about a family who lives in complete silence out of fear of a malignant force that hunts anything it hears. This is Krasinski’s third directorial effort but his first foray into horror—and Blunt’s too. We can already feel the tension in movie theaters during this one.

    Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

  • <img src=”” alt=”April 6: Chappaquiddick“/>

    April 6: Chappaquiddick

    This historical drama centers on Ted Kennedy (Jason Clarke), who drove his car into a tidal channel in Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts on July 18, 1969, killing a 28-year-old campaign strategist named Mary Jo Kopechne. Instead of calling the police immediately, Kennedy consulted his grandfather, who prioritized saving Ted’s political career.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”April 20: Overboard“/>

    April 20: Overboard

    It’s a remake of the 1987 original starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, but with a gender switch: This time Anna Faris plays a down-on-her-luck carpet cleaner who convinces a spoiled rich dude with amnesia that he’s her husband. Slapstick hilarity ensues.

    ©20thCentFox/Courtesy Everett Collection

  • <img src=”” alt=”April 27: Disobedience“/>

    April 27: Disobedience

    Rachel Weisz plays Ronit, a relapsed Orthodox Jew who returns to her home following the death of her rabbi father. There she takes a romantic (and forbidden) interest in a childhood friend, played by Rachel McAdams. Hands up for more female queer love stories onscreen.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”May 4: Avengers: Infinity War “/>

    May 4: Avengers: Infinity War

    The Avengers and Thanos duke it out over some pesky Infinity Stones in part one of this new Marvel chapter, which brings back all of your faves—including the Guardians of the Galaxy characters! Teenage Groot lives on, apparently.

    ©Walt Disney Co./Courtesy Everett Collection

  • <img src=”” alt=”June 8: Ocean’s 8“/>

    June 8: Ocean’s 8

    One of the most anticipated films of the year, this all-female Ocean’s reboot stars Rihanna, Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, and Anne Hathaway—so, in other words, cancel all your plans now. Rob that Met Gala, queens! You’re all doing great.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”June 15: On Chesil Beach “/>

    June 15: On Chesil Beach

    A young couple’s fear of intimate relations challenges their relationship in this touching drama based on the novel of the same name. Lady Bird‘s Saoirse Ronan stars.

    Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

  • <img src=”” alt=”June 22: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    June 22: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    A volcanic eruption threatens the lives of the dinosaurs left on the now deserted Jurassic World island, so Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard (sans high heels this time) travel back to save them. Of course, shit goes haywire.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”June 29: I Feel Pretty“/>

    June 29: I Feel Pretty

    We’re pretty stoked about this one: Amy Schumer plays Renee, an insecure woman who wakes up one morning believing she’s the most beautiful, capable person on earth. Her life changes with this newfound confidence, but of course it all comes crashing down. Emily Ratajkowski and Michelle Williams also star in this comedy, which seems to have shades of Shallow Hal.

    ©Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection

  • <img src=”” alt=”July 20: Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again“/>

    July 20: Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

    This surprise sequel takes us back in time and tells the story of Donna, who’s portrayed by Meryl Streep in recent years, and Lily James in younger years. Oh, and Cher’s in this thing too. As is the entire original cast, including Amanda Seyfried, Colin Firth, and Pierce Brosnan.

    ©Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection

  • <img src=”” alt=”August 3: The Spy Who Dumped Me

    August 3: The Spy Who Dumped Me

    After finding out one of their exes is a spy, two friends (Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon) embark on an espionage mission of their own in this female-directed comedy romp.

    ©Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection

  • <img src=”” alt=”August 8: Barbie“/>

    August 8: Barbie

    The live-action Barbie film, which was originally supposed to star Amy Schumer and now allegedly features Anne Hathaway, will reportedly drop August 8. It’s a fresh take on the iconic character’s story, though: Here, Barbie is kicked out of Barbieland for not being “perfect enough” and enters the real world.

    ©Focus Features/Courtesy Everett Collection

  • <img src=”” alt=”August 10: Nasty Women“/>

    August 10: Nasty Women

    This female retelling of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels stars Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson as two scam artists trying to swindle a tech maverick out of his fortune. Sign us up for this dynamic duo.

    Getty Images

  • <img src=”” alt=”September 28: Night School“/>

    September 28: Night School

    Kevin Hart and Queen of the World Tiffany Haddish team up in this new comedy about adults who enroll in night school to try and get their GEDs. Hopefully, this script allows these comedy powerhouses to improv and play—that’s when they’re at their strongest.

    ©Universal Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

  • <img src=”” alt=”October 5: A Star Is Born“/>

    October 5: A Star Is Born

    This is the fourth time Hollywood’s remade this story, which centers on a fading movie star trying to regain his career. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper star (and Cooper directs too). Expect high-levels of camp, drama, and of course some killer pipes from Gaga.

    Courtesy of Netflix

  • <img src=”” alt=”October 19: The Girl in the Spider’s Web“/>

    October 19: The Girl in the Spider’s Web

    Claire Foy steps into Lisbeth Salander’s computer-hacking shoes in this highly anticipated sequel, which has been seven years in the making. (The American Girl With the Dragon Tattoo film came out in 2011.)

    ©Lions Gate/Courtesy Everett Collection

  • <img src=”” alt=”November 2: The Nutcracker and the Four Realms “/>

    November 2: The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

    On Christmas Eve a young girl ventures into a mysterious realm and learns the origin of the Nutcracker. This will be the perfect blockbuster to get you in the holiday spirit.

    Getty Images

  • <img src=”” alt=”November 2: X-Men: Dark Phoenix“/>

    November 2: X-Men: Dark Phoenix

    When an evil force threatens to overtake Jean Grey’s mind, Mystique, Beast, Storm, Nightcrawler, and the rest of the X-Men army band together for some routine ass-kicking. Jennifer Lawrence’s blue makeup still confounds me every time, TBH.

    ©20thCentFox/Courtesy Everett Collection

  • <img src=”” alt=”November 2: Mary Queen of Scots“/>

    November 2: Mary Queen of Scots

    Saoirse Ronan plays Mary Queen of Scots in this film, which focuses on when the royal was 16 and returned to Scotland to assume the thrown after her husband died.

    Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

  • <img src=”” alt=”December 21: Aquaman“/>

    December 21: Aquaman

    Jason Momoa plays the titular character in this blockbuster, which also stars Nicole Kidman and Amber Heard. Here, Aquaman must rule thoughtfully over his underwater subjects, who want to invade the surface after being enraged by pollution. The only downside: Kidman, who’s just 12 years older than Momoa, plays his mother. Hollywood sexism at work, folks.

    Collection Christophel / Alamy Stock Photo

  • <img src=”” alt=”December 25: Mary Poppins Returns“/>

    December 25: Mary Poppins Returns

    Emily Blunt is Mary Poppins in this reboot, which takes place years after the original. Michael and Jane are both adults now, and they call upon Mary Poppins after Michael suffers a personal loss. Meryl Streep stars in this too, as Mary’s eccentric cousin, Topsy Turvy-Poppins.

    Entertainment Pictures / Alamy Stock Photo

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