The 15 Biggest Sex Inventions of the Year

  • <img src=”” alt=”BrainStim“/>

    At Liberos, a research center in Los Angeles run by sex researcher Nicole Prause, Ph.D., you can come get your brain zapped for a better sex life. Through a method called Direct Current Stimulation, the BrainStim headset delivers electrical currents to your brain with the aim of boosting or curbing your sex drive—depending on whether you feel it’s too low or too high—by restoring your brain’s reward center to healthy activation levels for around an hour. Right now, you have to go into the lab to get it, but Prause is hoping to make it commercially available in the near future.

    Courtesy of Nicole Prause

  • <img src=”” alt=”Biem“/>

    This “virtual health clinic” (pronounced “beem”) lets you video-chat with doctors, make an appointment for an STI test from a provider at your own house, and view your results, all in one convenient app. By eliminating some of the obstacles to STI testing—like leaving your home, for one—Biem is hoping to get more people to take care of their sexual health.


  • <img src=”” alt=”Harmony AI“/>

    This virtual companion is an addition to the eerily realistic RealDoll sex robots. You attach the head of “Harmony” to any RealDoll body and select which personality traits you’d like her to have. Then she’ll have a realistic conversation with you—although, when Engadget’s Christopher Trout tried her out, she wasn’t exactly the best conversationalist. For example, her response to, “What’s your favorite sex position?” was “I’m not that kind of girl.” Fair enough!

    Courtesy of YouTube

  • <img src=”” alt=”Satisfyer Pro 2: Next Generation“/>

    As if the powerful suction of the Satisfyer Pro 2 weren’t amazing enough, this year saw the release of the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation, which has an even more impressive motor. The air waves the head creates will suck orgasms right out of you, catching you off guard in a way that’s almost too good. Its adorably-shaped close cousin, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Penguin: Next Generation, is also a force of nature. But with its cushy head, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is super comfortable and powerful, especially for its $50 price tag.

    Courtesy Satisfyer

  • <img src=”” alt=”Video-Synched Sex Toys“/>

    Imagine having your vibrator’s movements match whatever porn you were watching with no effort on your part. Well, Pornhub is one step closer to making that futuristic premise a reality, thanks to its new set of videos in which the action controls the movements of sex toys. Unfortunately, it currently only works with Fleshlight Launch or Kiiroo Onyx—both toys for penises—but Pornhub plans to add videos that connect to vibrators in the future. We hope they get on that soon, for the sake of the quarter of Pornhub users who are women.


  • <img src=”” alt=”The Mimic“/>

    This Clandestine Devices toy has a shape unlike any other sex toy, ergonomically designed to fit in your hand or over your vulva. All the intricate bends, folds, and tips also let it buzz on a super-localized spot or a more diffuse area, depending what you’re in the mood for. Plus, it looks like a cute little stingray!

    Clandestine Devices

  • <img src=”” alt=”Eva II“/>

    In 2014, Dame Products launched Eva on Indiegogo, and it became the most successful crowdfunded sex toy in history. The tiny clitoral vibrator fits between your labia, so you can enjoy its vibrations during sex without using your hands. Three years later, Dame cofounders Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman got to work making Eva even better in response to customer feedback, and Eva II was born. The toy’s second edition has smaller proportions, a lighter body, and shorter wings with an adjusted profile so that it fits a greater variety of bodies. The motor’s gotten quieter and stronger, the whole thing is waterproof, and the button’s easier to press, which means more evenly distributed orgasms for more couples.

    Dame Products

  • <img src=”” alt=”Womanizer 2Go“/>

    The Womanizer is famous for its suction technology, which creates air waves around the clit that lead many women to orgasm within a minute. Its latest iteration is lipstick-shaped, so you can toss it right in your purse or your carry-on.


  • <img src=”” alt=”b-Vibe Rimming Plug 2“/>

    B-Vibe is one of the first companies to dedicate itself to creating high-quality anal vibrators—especially for people who have never tried backdoor activities. In addition to vibrating at the tip, this one uses rotating beads to add even more sensation. In combination, the toy produces seven rotation and vibration patterns and six intensity levels to help introduce users to anal pleasure.

    Courtesy B-Vibe

  • <img src=”” alt=”We Did It“/>

    If you and your partner have been bumping up against the same relationship problems over and over and want to solve them once and for all, there’s an app for that. We Did It uses artificial intelligence to identify your weak points as a couple and help you work through them with specific activities. You each fill out a survey on how you feel about different aspects of your relationship, what you’d like more of, and how you’d like to reach that point. Then, based on your responses, the app plans a “dream week” packed with massages, picnics, household chores, or whatever would benefit you both.

    We Did It

  • <img src=”” alt=”SenseVibe Warm“/>

    This vibrator has two vibrating heads to provide plenty of G-spot and clitoral stimulation, but its most unique function is its temperature control, which adapts to your own body temperature for a more realistic sex toy experience. Another plus? It charges in its case, so you don’t have to worry about your roommates spotting it on your dresser.


  • <img src=”” alt=”The Queen Bee“/>

    Hot Octopuss, the company that brought us the “world’s first guybrator” the Pulse, released its first female toy this fall. Instead of the usual motor inside a vibrator, the head of this toy moves up and down to create vibrations—and they are powerful. The Queen Bee is perfect for those days when you’re feeling too lazy to take your pants off, because you could probably feel its vibrations from behind a four-inch wall.

    Hot Octopuss

  • <img src=”” alt=”Club Vibe 3.OH“/>

    This vibrator—a revamped, rechargeable version of an existing toy—buzzes along with whatever sounds it picks up from your surroundings, from footsteps to music. Wear it to a club and there’ll be a party going on in your pants. Fair warning, though: If your goal is to get off, you’re probably better off using it in “wireless remote control mode” than “club mode,” which tends to make the vibrations pretty inconsistent.


  • <img src=”” alt=”“/>

    When it comes to sex ed, our options have historically been lacking. Most of us didn’t get a thorough sex education in school, to say the least, and as adults, we’ve basically just got porn—which (hopefully) nobody watches for accurate information about sex. Sure, there are genuinely informative in-person workshops at sex toy shops, but not everyone can attend those, depending on where they live. Combining the accuracy and inclusivity of these workshops with the accessibility of porn, Andrea Barrica created, a site you can watch several live-streamed classes per day on everything from healthy relationships to sex toys. A large portion of the teachers are LGBT and people of color, and the courses are geared to make people of all different identities feel welcome.

  • <img src=”” alt=”Le Wand“/>

    When you think of a classic sex toy, the Hitachi Magic Wand may come to mind—but the company wouldn’t identify itself that way: The people behind the “massager”don’t want to associate themselves with sex toys. Alicia Sinclair created Le Wand to reclaim the wand vibrator as, well, a vibrator. It comes with a “pleasure guide” so users can enjoy its NSFW purposes, as well as plenty of fun attachments to explore internal stimulation. It’s also cordless, making for a more seamless experience.

    Le Wand

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