Alberta 'very pleased' with Nebraska's approval of Keystone XL, Notley says

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said Monday the provincial government is “very pleased” that Nebraska has approved the Keystone XL pipeline route.

“As we stated in our submission to the Nebraska Public Service Commission, this pipeline will mean greater energy security for all North Americans by making sure people have access to Alberta’s responsibly developed energy resources,” Notley said in a statement.

Regulators in Nebraska on Monday approved the route for TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline, marking the last major hurdle for the proposed $10-billion project.

“This is another step in our broader effort to bring more Alberta oil to the world, diversify our markets and maximize the value we as Albertans get,” Notley said. “Today, U.S. decision makers carefully considered a pipeline and granted an approval.

“We continue to urge Canadian decision makers to follow this example so we can have access to global markets from Canadian ports, supporting good Canadian jobs. While we are very pleased with Nebraska’s approval, it underscores that Canadian regulators need to keep pace if we are going to build a truly diversified set of markets.”

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