Urban Outfitters 20% Off Beauty Sale: Here's What to Buy

  • <img src=”” alt=”Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea, $7 (now $5.60)“/>

    “Add this to the list of mists so worth the $$$—even though this one is all of $7. It’s light, refreshing, and necessary once 3 P.M. rolls around and my face is feeling dry.” —Lindsay Schallon, senior beauty editor

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  • <img src=”” alt=”Frank Body Shimmer Scrub, $20 (now $16)“/>

    “Consider this coffee scrub unicorn beauty for people who hate unicorn beauty—and love soft, hydrated, ever-so-slightly glimmery skin.” —L.S.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”NYX Professional Makeup Faux Whites Eye Brightener Liner, $8 (now $6.40)“/>

    “I hate white eyeliner—I’m convinced it accentuates how bloodshot my eyes always are from staring at a computer screen—but I actually adore these creamy pastel pencils. They glide on super smooth, don’t smear around, and add a pop of brightness without making me look like I belong in a Visine commercial.” —Amber Rambharose, beauty editor

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  • <img src=”” alt=”Herbivore Botanicals Body Oil, $26 (now $20.80)“/>

    “Yes, I have purchased this oil at full price before. I was lured in by its short and sweet ingredient list—meadowfoam oil just sounds like bliss—and hooked by how it leaves you smelling like a French heiress just chilling in a field of flowers right off the Riviera.” —A.R.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, $17 (now $13.60)“/>

    “Humble brag: ever since accepting chemical exfoliants as my savior, my skin has been great (a year ago, I couldn’t go two days without dealing with a new crop of whiteheads, so I’m basking in this gear shift). The one traditional acne-fighter still in my arsenal is this drying lotion. When a zit makes it through my bacteria-nuking regimen, it dries it out overnight.” —Rachel Nussbaum, beauty writer

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  • <img src=”” alt=”COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid, $22 (now $17.60)“/>

    “And this is the life-changing acid I just mentioned. Coming in at 4% BHA, it’s mild enough that you don’t have to worry about sensitive skin reacting, while powerful enough to make a difference. For a quick primer on BHA—which stands for beta hydroxy acid—it gets down into your cells and exfoliates them, getting ahead of acne-causing bacteria and nixing potential pimples in the bud. Again: life-changing.” —R.N.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”Nudestix Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil, $24 (now $19.20)“/>

    “Some people are blush people; I’m not one of them. My skin is so pink-toned naturally that blush has always felt a little like adding insult to injury. That said, a scribble of this stick on my cheeks every morning makes me look alive, and it takes all of two seconds.” —R.N.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”Ouai Wave Spray, $26 (now $20.80) “/>

    Jenna Dewan Tatum doesn’t lie; this spray is everything. It smells like a fancy salon and gives my fine, flat hair the most perfect rumpled waves that last all day.” —L.S.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”Among The Flowers Premium Bath Soak, $16 (now $12.80)“/>

    “My version of being financially responsible is only buying jars of sea salt, coconut oil, and flower petals when they’re on sale. Following that logic, it’s basically criminal not to stock up on this blend that’s genuinely good for your skin. The star ingredient: calendula petals, a flower I’ve used to soothe everything from menstrual cramps to muscle aches.” —A.R.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”Pixi Glow Tonic, $15 (now $12)“/>

    “Here’s what I turn to the mornings after I fall asleep in my makeup (which I’ve done at least twice a week for the past three months, so often). The glycolic acid gently sloughs away dry, dull skin—but never in a way that flares up my rosacea, thanks to the aloe vera and botanical extracts.” —L.S.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick Set, $25 (now $20)“/>

    “I know, I know—matte lipstick fatigue is peaking, and with every. single. brand coming out with their own take, they all blend together at some point. But through it all, Anastasia Beverly Hills’ OG version has stayed in my purse. It goes on super opaque, doesn’t budge, doesn’t destroy my lips, and the colors are gorgeous. This trio of browny-nude colors are casual, but beautiful. It’s ideal.” —R.N.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”Ardency Inn Modster Manuka Honey Pigment, $21 (now $16.80)“/>

    “I use manuka honey for everything: scrapes, bruises, inflamed skin and ingrown hairs. This pigment a full face multitasker and the honey makes it extra good for dry or acne-prone skin, chapped lips, itchy eyelids, you name it. It’s basically a glow-y Band-Aid for all your skin ailments.” —A.R.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”Slip Silk Pillowcase, $79 (now $63.20)“/>

    “I used to roll my eyes when people said silk pillowcases changed their lives. Then I tried one. This is no B.S. beauty myth—the days I sleep on one, my hair looks ten times shinier and smoother. The only downside is the work it takes to wash them.” —L.S.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”Call Of The Vialed For UO Perfume Rollerball, $20 (now $16)“/>

    “When I need to feel calm, grounded, bust down writer’s block, or chill out, I roll on a Vialed scent and enter a bubble of how that feeling smells. It’s wonky to describe, but feels straight up transcendent. The scents themselves are right up there with that you’d drop $200 in a toxic cloud filled department store: ouds, neroli, myrrh, amazing.” —A.R.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”Meant The Wonder Polish, $43 (now $34.40)“/>

    “This polish is no joke. It’s so good that I took kitchen scissors into the bathroom so I could slice open the packaging and save every last drop in a Ziploc bag. It’s my favorite product to shave with, since I don’t need to moisturize after using it. It makes you that soft all over.” —A.R.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primer, $18 (now $28.80) “/>

    “This lightweight K-beauty favorite creates a mirror smooth (but not shiny) barrier that seals in moisturizer and keeps makeup magnetized to its dewy finish.” —A.R.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”UO Large Wide Tooth Comb, $12 (now $9.60)“/>

    “My shower is a revolving door of products (part of the beauty writer job is trying everything, I’m lucky). But the one thing that’s stayed with me for literally six years? My cheapo, purple plastic wide-toothed comb. It’s not cute, but essential for detangling my curls in the shower. This one is a chic upgrade I wouldn’t be afraid to ‘gram.” —R.N.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”Smith’s Rosebud Salve, $8 (now $6.40)“/>

    “There are myriad reasons every makeup artist keeps this balm in their kit, but I’ll leave you with the only one that matters: It’s the best lip balm out there, hands down.” —L.S.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”Touch In Sol Metallist Liquid Foil + Glitter Shadow Duo, $25 (now $20) “/>

    “With a metallic cream eyeshadow on one end and a sparkly dose of glitter on the other, I feel like Emily Blunt’s character in The Devil Wears Prada with this on. That’s the highest praise I can give.” —R.N.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”Aquis Essentials Hair Towel, $30 (now $24)“/>

    “My love of turban towels is well-documented, and I can thank Aquis for bringing me into the fold. As someone who values her curls not turning into a cloud of frizz, microfiber fabric is the towel loophole. It takes hours off my drying time, and gets my soaking wet curls out of the way in the morning. Can’t live without it.” —R.N.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”Foreo Espada Blue Light Acne Treatment, $140 (now $112)“/>

    “Whenever I feel a period zit coming on, I zap it with this device—the blue LED light kills bacteria that causes acne—and follow it up with Mario Badescu’s drying lotion. It’s crazy how well the combo works.” —L.S.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow, $18 (now $14.40)“/>

    “The cult of Dip Brow is far-reaching, and after a few months of seeing it mentioned in basically every makeup tutorial posted to Instagram and Reddit, I bit the bullet last year. It was a good decision. All you need is a tiny dab of the product on an angled brush to fill in both of your brows. The color lasts all day. I’m still working my way through my first pot—again, from last year. That’s unheard of.” —R.N.

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  • <img src=”” alt=”Verb Ghost Oil, $16 (now $12.80)“/>

    “In an affectionate way, my hair is a product-eating monster. Literally, I can load on four pumps of heavy-duty hair oil, and any smoothing effect it gives is typically gone within the hour. It’s an untold mystery of this world, but Verb’s Ghost Oil puts up the best fight of any oil I’ve tried (and I’ve tried so, so many). It smoothes, adds shine, doesn’t completely kill your volume—and on me, the effect lasts about three hours. On my friends, they’re set the whole day.” —R.N.

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