Monthly Archives: October 2017

Liberal government to boost Canada child benefit payments: sources

The federal government will announce plans to boost payments made to families under the Canada child benefit program on Tuesday, CBC News has learned. Multiple sources, speaking to CBC News and Radio-Canada on the condition of anonymity, said the government will foreshadow the increase in the fall economic update, which will be tabled tomorrow, and…

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Métis hunting rights have roots in northern Ontario: 'It's something that needed to be done'

Hunters and Gatherers is a series looking at hunting and fishing in northern Ontario, how Indigenous rights can divide people, how some northerners find ways to share the resources and what sharing the land means for reconciliation. After centuries of being ashamed of their indentity, Métis people were starting to assert themselves by Oct. 22 1993, when…

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Sweating blood: bizarre disorder baffles doctors

It was probably one of the most bizarre medical cases a team of Italian doctors had ever seen. A 21-year-old woman was admitted to hospital with a condition that caused her to sweat blood from her face and from the palms of her hands. This despite no sign of any skin lesions. The case was highlighted Monday in the…

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'Nothing erodes public confidence and trust more' than police investigating police, says Sask. lawyer

Saskatchewan is behind the rest of the country when it comes to investigating the police, says the founder of the Indigenous Bar Association. “Nothing erodes public confidence and trust more than the suggestion that police are investigating themselves,” said longtime Saskatoon criminal lawyer Don Worme. “Saskatchewan is late in terms of coming to certain recognitions. Saskatchewan has perhaps been a little…

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