Taylor Swift's New Single Is Rumored To Be 8 Minutes Long—and Fans Have a Lot of Theories

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Since Taylor Swift released the details of her upcoming album (Reputation, out November 10) and its first single (dropping “tomorrow night,” whatever that means) without any warning on Wednesday, the Internet has been sent into a spiral of excitement, speculation, and really good reaction GIFs. Fans have moved on from the three cryptic snake videos she posted and are now doing everything they possibly can to uncover any additional information about the upcoming album and single release—and one Swiftie appears to have stumbled upon a very interesting tidbit.

According to Select All, a fan going by username levi_valvi on pop culture forum uncovered the Reputation album cover and a mostly empty (keyword: mostly) track listing almost an hour before Taylor revealed the news herself, just by trying out different extensions on the URL. Levi_valvi posted their findings on ATRL, and though the post and website glitch have since been wiped clean, several people took screenshots of the user’s discovery and have posted them on Twitter.

Levi_valvi’s screenshots appear to show a page of the official Taylor Swift website featuring Reputation‘s black-and-white album art, links to purchase the album on iTunes and other sites, and, perhaps most significantly, a 12-song track listing showing blank spaces for every entry except track four, which is labeled “First Single” and has a run time of a whopping eight minutes and 47 seconds, which—what?! While Taylor has never shied away from surpassing the industry standard of about three minutes per song (her longest track so far, “Dear John,” clocks in at a lengthy six minutes and 43 seconds), it’s unclear what she could possibly include in a nearly nine-minute song. Naturally, the Swifties have their theories.

“The lead single is 8 mins long [because] it contains [the] uncut [version] of the ‘famous’ phone call,” one stan tweeted, referencing the recorded phone call Kim Kardashian released on Snapchat last summer to prove that Taylor had in fact given Kanye West permission to sing about her in his 2016 song “Famous.” Others theorized that Taylor’s following in the footsteps of rock artists like Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, and The Doors, all of whom recorded songs well over 10 minutes long. “9 minute single? I really appreciate how Taylor Swift is finally going back to her prog rock roots #reputation #featuringKingCrimson,” one wrote. And still other superfans remembered that one of Taylor’s co-writers told Yahoo! that 2012’s “All Too Well” was originally “10, 12, or 15 minutes long,” and they are now guessing that the new track is either a followup or the original, uncut version of the emotional ballad. “Lead single is 9 minutes long yep All Too Well 2.0 is coming,” one Twitter user wrote.

Keep in mind that Taylor’s camp has yet to confirm this rumor (or any other)—but maybe block out a full nine minutes tomorrow night just in case.

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