Monthly Archives: August 2017

The Harriet Tubman $20 Bill Might Be in Jeopardy

Flashback: It’s April 2016, and the Treasury Department is gearing up for a major announcement. When it does drop, it’s huge news. Abolitionist Harriet Tubman will become the first woman to appear on the front of U.S. currency, replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. Now, welcome back to 2017. Harriet Tubman’s place on the…

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Justin Bieber Reaches 100 Million Twitter Followers: A History of His Most Controversial and Ridiculous Tweets

BACKGRID Justin Bieber loves Twitter. Like really loves Twitter.  Over the years, it’s become the pop star’s go-to social media platform for sounding off on any and all topics that come to his mind. Seriously, if you’ve ever wondered what’s going on in Justin’s head all day, just scroll back to 2009 when he first joined Twitter.…

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Issa Rae Wants to Make a 'Gossip Girl' for Black Teens

With the beloved Gossip Girl recently celebrating its 10-year anniversary, the Internet has been flooded with a constant stream of little-known tidbits about the show. But instead of harping upon the very fashionable past, why not look into a more diverse future? Issa Rae, the creator and star of HBO’s breakout comedy Insecure is doing…

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