Melania Trump Thanks Chelsea Clinton for Defending 11-Year-Old Barron

As her husband riled up supporters during an unrestrained rally in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday night, First Lady Melania Trump offered a personal and heartfelt thank you to former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton for standing up for her son, Barron, after the 11-year-old was criticized for his clothing choices.

“Thank you @ChelseaClinton—so important to support all of our children in being themselves!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Earlier this week, the conservative site The Daily Caller published a critique of the T-shirt and shorts Barron Trump wore on Sunday as the First Family returned to Washington from the President’s golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Taking issue with how the 11-year-old was dressed, the article said it was time that Barron began “dressing the part” of a president’s son.

“While the president and first lady traveled in their Sunday best, young Barron looked like he was hopping on Air Force One for a trip to the movie theater,” wrote Daily Caller entertainment reporter Ford Springer.

Chelsea, who faced her own share of criticism during her childhood in the White House, soon sprung to Barron’s defense.

“It’s high time the media and everyone leave Barron Trump alone and let him have the private childhood he deserves,” Clinton wrote in a Tweet Monday night.

And when various Twitter users were all-too-ready to criticize the 11-year-old, Chelsea was there ready to fire back:

This, of course, isn’t the first time that Chelsea’s stood up for the President’s youngest son. When Barron was criticized on social media during the inauguration in January, Chelsea slammed those who ridiculed the young boy (while also offering a subtle dig at his father’s administration): “Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does-to be a kid,” she tweeted. “Standing up for every kid also means opposing POTUS policies that hurt kids.”

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