Inside Rachel Lindsay's Controversial Bachelorette Finale: Did She Make the Right Choice?

The wait is finally over!

The Bachelorette season finale aired on Monday evening, and after months of secrecy, fans finally saw who Rachel Lindsay chose to marry—Bryan Abasolo!

While Rachel is very happy with her choice, in the finale she seemed to struggle with letting Peter Kraus go after he wasn’t ready to propose. Which has a lot of people asking if she sold out to get that ring?

But Rachel is standing firm in her love for Bryan and has explained that it was about way more than just a ring. “That’s not what it was for me. There were other deep rooted issues,” the star confessed during the finale.

Her fiance Bryan isn’t worried about her decision either. “Specifically that part I felt frustrated. I felt frustrated for her that she had to go through that,” he admitted.

“I was like, ‘He’s like my best friend.’ And I heard myself say that and I was like, ‘Ok girl you’re gone,'” Rachel revealed. The couple is enjoying their engagement and have no plans decided, but Rachel admits she wants a winter wedding.

Get all of the latest details on the happy couple in the E! News clip above!

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