Hailey Baldwin Makes Jean Shorts Back-to-School Ready

Hailey Baldwin‘s not ready to let go of jean short weather, which means neither are we.

Though summer is coming to a close (it’s August—how did this happen?), the model’s here to give your favorite warm-weather staple some added longevity.

Whether you’re headed back to school or just back to the office, here are two styling tricks you’ll want to keep in your back pocket for when fall hits and you’re not ready to give up the jorts. Now pay attention.

1. Choose Your Jean Shorts Wisely

Because you’ll be wearing them around your peers, teachers, fellow employees, bosses, etc. make sure the pair you pick are classy enough (read: avoid too much distressing or any at all) for your day-to-day. The length can’t be too short, the color shouldn’t be anything outside of a blue wash and though we love a high-waisted cut, try and keep the high-rise action to a minimum. They can sometimes leave a little too much skin showing.

2. Balance Is Key

Because your legs will inevitably be on display, try and cover up anywhere else you can. Hailey wore a long-sleeved, collared shirt, combat boots with Vetements socks and topped off the outfit with Jennifer Fisher earrings and a Gucci crossbody bag.

Now that you’re educated, it’s time to find yourself a pair.

You really can’t get the formula wrong.

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