Father of infant killed in arson taken to hospital for second time in two days

The father of Hunter Brown, the five-month-old who was killed in last week’s arson attack on a southwest Edmonton home, was taken to hospital by ambulance on Tuesday.

Cordell Brown was escorted by police out of the home of his parents-in-law, where he has been staying since the fire. Four police cars and at least eight officers and detectives were also at the scene.

Heather Stanchfield is a neighbour who lives on the same street where Brown has been staying.

She said Cordell has been chasing neighbours and begging them to help him solve the arson fire case.

“He was out in the street in front of my house. He was quite unstable,” said Stanchfield.

Two teens were arrested Friday and charged in connection with the fire. 

She said EMS and police have been at the house at least four or five times over the past couple days. Brown was also taken away by ambulance on Monday night.

Stanchfield said Brown initially refused to get in the ambulance and was demanding that no one in the ambulance speak to him.

“They told us that we need to be very careful about our dealings with him,” said Stanchfield.

Stanchfield said she’s concerned for the safety of the people in the neighbourhood.

Brown was one of eight people sent to hospital after an arson fire at 1040 Armitage Cres. last Tuesday. Brown’s five-month-old son, Hunter Brown, died from smoke inhalation. His wife, Angie Tang, is still in hospital. 

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