Cocaine, cash and a covert compartment: 3 men charged in Edmonton bust

Police have charged three men with trafficking offences after a Jeep Liberty with a “sophisticated” hidden compartment was found packed with cocaine in a north Edmonton drug bust last month.

Officers searched a home in the area of 103rd Street and 161st Avenue on July 20, and seized two vehicles from the Lorelei-area property, police said in a news release on Friday.

One of the vehicles, a Jeep Liberty, contained an “aftermarket hidden compartment” in its trunk, where officers located 2.9 kg of pressed soft cocaine worth an estimated $125,000, police said.

Officers found another kilogram of cocaine in the second vehicle, a Range Rover. 

Officers also uncovered a significant stash of illicit drugs including methamphetamine and cocaine.

They also found: 

  • More than $54,000 in Canadian currency.
  • 2,554 g of buffing agent.
  • 1,340 g of cocaine, including crack cocaine.
  • 460 g of methamphetamine.
  • 2,295 pills suspected to be oxycodone.
  • 0.6 g of heroin.
  • A money counter, scale and heat sealer.
  • Multiple packaging materials and empty cocaine wrappers.

The men, whose ages range between between 27 and 30, are facing a series of trafficking and possession charges.

Insp.Jonathan Coughlan with the EPS Traffic Section discuss the investigation at a news conference later Friday morning.  

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