Big Brother's Mark Jansen 100-Pound Weight-Loss Transformation Will Leave You Inspired

In the game of Big Brother, there technically is only one winner. But long before one contestant entered the house, he may have already conquered the game of life.

While fans may know Mark Jansen as a personal trainer who has a tight alliance with fellow house guest Elena Davies, E! News has discovered a surprising fact about the Grand Island, New York resident.

As it turns out, Mark went through a weight-loss transformation long before appearing on the CBS reality show.

In new photos that appeared on Reddit, fans learned that the 26-year-old didn’t used to be so physically fit.

“I played football for a year at University Buffalo and I graduated. I was a big boy,” Mark told Big Brother alum Jeff Schroeder. “I weighed about 330-340 and then I knew I had to get in shape.”

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He continued, “I always wanted to be in the fitness industry and I knew I had to lose some weight. So I started losing weight, I lost over 100 pounds and got into body building and then people started asking me how I did it. So I started helping people and I just fell in love.”

While Mark misses all of his clients back home as he continues Week 6 in the competition, his big win in the Power of Veto competition just guaranteed another week of safety.

And although some may be intimidated by Mark, the Big Brother contestant assures fans that he’s a good guy.

“I’m a big teddy bear,” he shared with Jeff before the game began. “I usually tell them, ‘Don’t tell anyone I said that’ because I like the whole tough guy persona but as soon as I smile, it’s hard to hide.”

While there are plenty more competitions to go before a winner is crowned, Mark already has some ideas for how he would spend his money if he won the grand prize.

It all goes back to his childhood where he was raised by a single mom because his dad passed away at a young age. When Mark was 17, he also lost his mom. As a result, he wants to pay it forward.

“I want to give back to single moms and especially for children who lost both parents,” he shared. How can you not root for this self-proclaimed teddy bear?

Big Brother airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays only on CBS.

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