Monthly Archives: August 2017

Edmonton Fringe Festival kicks off Thursday night

Workers bustle around Murray Utas as he holds up a playbill and staples it next to dozens of others on the poster wall next to Orange Hall.  Putting up 880 playbills is one of the last tasks for the artistic director to check off his list before the 36th annual Edmonton International Fringe Festival kicks…

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How Chris Brown and Rihanna's Careers Changed After His Assault

When Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna back in 2009, the music community wondered if the “Run It” singer would ever shine bright like a diamond in the industry again. In fact, others worried that Rihanna may have her own struggles under the Hollywood microscope going forward. More than seven years after the physical altercation made front-page…

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The 20 Most Insane Taco Bell Menu Items Ever

Taco Bell Yesterday Taco Bell once again rocked our cheese-and-potato-filled world with its announcement that it would be featuring a taco shell made solely of egg named the “Naked Egg Taco,” which debuts on August 31. That’s right, no corn or flour tortillas to see here, instead a fried egg dressed as a tortilla will…

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