Catherine Zeta-Jones Claps Back at Paparazzi After They Photograph Her in a Bikini

You know what they say, don’t get mad, get even.

That’s precisely what Catherine Zeta-Jones did this evening after discovering that photographers had caught her and husband Michael Douglas on a romantic beach vacation.

While photos surfaced of the gorgeous actress in a swimsuit lounging next to her husband, it appears that Zeta-Jones was less than pleased about their rendezvous being captured on camera.

So rightfully so, the 47-year-old Welsh star decided that it was best to take matters into her own hands.

After posting a side-by-side shot of herself from both the front and back, wearing a string bikini, Zeta-Jones showed what she aptly dubbed, “a better option for viewing.”

“Pissed the paparazzi photographed my ass, thus sharing the photographs my husband took of my ass.” she wrote as the caption.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but Zeta-Jones is giving us all kinds of hot with this Instagram.

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