Watch This Bachelor Party Get Crashed By Eight Adorable Dogs

When Mitchel Craddock decided to have his bachelor party in Tennessee, caring for a litter of puppies was not on his to-do list. The Vicksburg, Michigan man, took his crew on a trip to the woods and on their first morning, they spotted an adorable doggie at their door. Waking up to a cute dog? Not a bad way to start a party. Craddock told ABC News, “We were cooking bacon with the door open. The next thing you know, there’s this dog sitting right at the front door. She wouldn’t come inside, but she sat right there.” Okay, first the cute dog and now bacon is involved? Toodles to the strip club, this legit sounds like the bachelor party of the century.

Despite her sweetness, she was underfed and dehydrated. She had also recently given birth to pups, and her milk had dried up due to her malnourished state.

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“After we gave her a bunch of food and water, she started producing milk again. So we figured if she’s making milk, her pups can’t be that old,” he said. They found the puppies when they noticed the dog was guarding a spot in the woods. It was there they discovered seven little pups chilling in a big hole. Being that they were in the woods, each puppy had to be cleaned of fleas and dirt. Despite this and their mother’s fragile state, the pups seemed happy and healthy. Craddock mentioned, “Every single one had a big fat belly on them. The mom had given the pups literally everything she had.” Too sweet. 

Thankfully, it seems like mom and babies are all doing well, as the bachelor party took each of them home. All of them were adopted either by the groom, groomsmen or relatives and, get this, they all live within in a 5-mile radius of each other. Play dates every damn day. Kristen, his wife, was of course totally stoked when he came home from his bachelor party with a new furry friend. “I proposed to her with our chocolate Lab, and now it’s our joke that for any of our big life events, we’ll get a dog,” Craddock said.  Aww!!!

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