Monthly Archives: October 2016

CHL responds after Alberta judge orders teams to hand over tax returns, finance statements

The top brass in Canadian junior hockey says players in the Western Hockey League and Ontario Hockey League are amateur athletes, not employees.  It’s a position that’s caused tension in junior hockey since a former group of players filed a lawsuit two years ago. Those players argued the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) and two of its umbrella leagues — the WHL…

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People who use Facebook live longer, study finds

Social butterflies live longer, healthier lives.  Study after study has demonstrated a link between strong social connections and reduced mortality risk. But does that hold true as our social interactions increasingly take place in online spheres? A new study out of Yale and the University of California suggests that it does.   The study, published today in the journal…

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Clinton's email controversy opens up fuzzy world of document secrecy

The FBI’s decision to review a cache of recently discovered emails that may be connected to Hillary Clinton’s private server is just the latest twist in a scandal that has haunted the U.S. Democratic presidential candidate on the campaign trail. The decision by FBI director James Comey to inform Congress about this review, which itself has come under scrutiny, is all part of the controversy over…

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Lisa Vanderpump Opens Up About Animal Rights and Her New Foundation: ''My Life Has Literally Gone to the Dogs''

Lisa Vanderpump is set on helping the world, one dog at a time. The Vanderpump Rules star and devoted dog-lover recently sat down with E! News’ Carissa Culiner to discuss her latest business venture, The Vanderpump Dog Foundation, and shared why she feels so strongly about animal rights activism. “When we started Vanderpump Pets I thought, I’d really love…

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