Monthly Archives: October 2016

Indigenous prisoners, segregation top priorities for new Ottawa senator Kim Pate

An Ottawa-based advocate for marginalized Canadian prisoners named Monday to the Canadian Senate says she’ll be working to reduce the number of Indigenous people who end up in the country’s penal system. Kim Pate, the executive director of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies (CAEFS), is one of six appointees that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be putting forward…

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Self-reported thalidomide survivor calls government compensation criteria unfair

Some suspected thalidomide survivors are accusing the federal government of using red tape to block them from getting the compensation they say they deserve. Bernadette Brousseau is one of dozens of Canadians born with severe deformities in the early 1960s who say they are thalidomide survivors. The drug thalidomide was developed and sold internationally in…

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Canada's first Indigenous zombie film garnering international attention

A film about a zombie apocalypse on a fly-in First Nation reserve is garnering international attention.  The short film “REZilience” is currently playing at festival in four different countries and will be screening in Hollywood this November at the  LA Skins Fest and the American Indian Institute Film Festival. “We’re touching on a whole slew of issues affecting First Nations, Inuit, and Metis people…

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