Monthly Archives: September 2016

Prince William and Kate arrive in Haida Gwaii

Prince William and Kate have arrived in Haida Gwaii on the North Coast of B.C. for a day of canoeing, appreciating First Nations culture and fishing with some local teens. Haida nation members unhappy about approval of Petronas project out in full force at #RoyalVisitCanada in Haida Gwaii. — @vancbcmcarthur The visit to the remote…

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UNESCO visits Fort Chipewyan's disappearing lakes, channels & wildlife

A scene of rapid change unfolds in front of David Campbell’s deck that overlooks Fort Chipewyan’s Lake Athabasca. His house used to be lake front property — not any more. Over the last 50 years, water levels have transformed a once sandy beach into an arid field of willows and weeds. “It’s slowly receding. Slowly drying out,” Campbell said. David…

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Long Way North

The inspiration for “Long Way North” is presenting female empowerment as an adventure, focusing on one budding explorer in her journey towards independence. In 1882, a young woman named Sacha (voiced by Christa Théret) wonders about the fate of her explorer grandfather Oloukine, who left for the North Pole on an expedition with his iconic…

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These Disney Princess Engagement Photos Are Your Wedding Dreams Come True

Taylor Snyder Art & Photography Everybody loves the Disney Princesses, so why not have a Disney Princess engagement? That’s exactly what one Minnesota couple did, and their photos turned out like a dang dream come true. According to The Huffington Post, Yalonda and Kayla Solseng celebrated their engagement with a Belle and Cinderella-themed shoot. The photos were…

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