Monthly Archives: August 2016

'A Tribe Called Red' DJ: standing for national anthem 'doesn't make any sense'

DJ  Bear Witness and producer with A Tribe Called Red, says he was never raised to stand during O Canada and to do so would be abandoning his heritage. That’s what he told On The Coast’s Lisa Christiansen when asked about the actions of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who generated controversy by not standing during the Star-Spangled…

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Hawrelak Park lake safe for ITU World Triathlon swimmers, AHS says

All the boxes have been checked and the ITU World Triathlon is good to go this weekend. After extensive tests and blasting the water with chlorine, the Hawrelak Park lake is safe for swimmers, said Dr. Christopher Sikora. “We treated the lake as with previous years, and have been successful in lowering the cell counts and the toxin levels below the target level,”…

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City council hears from public on Northlands revitalization plan

City councillors heard mixed opinions from the public Wednesday about the viability of Edmonton Northlands’ new Vision 2020 revitalization plan. Area residents complained about the prospect of more noisy concerts, but others urged council to adopt the plan because abandoning the site could leave the area derelict. Northlands, the non-profit organization that runs the arena formerly known…

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