Violent Fight at Senior Centre in Northern Alberta Breaks Out, 2 RCMP Officers Injured

The Cold Lake Seniors Centre was the location of a violent fight Sunday, a fight that left two officers injured and the arrested individual also requiring medical attention. The incident started when a man showed up at the senior centre uninvited and crashed a party at the facility. The RCMP were alerted at approximately 12:45 p.m. on Sunday when attendees to the jamboree held at the senior centre reported a disturbance being caused by a strange man. What was thought to be an uneventful call quickly turned into something far worse as a violent struggle between the man and the RCMP occurred. The man damaged facility walls and spilled blood all over, even choking one of the responding officers who had arrived on the scene before being subdued and apprehended.

According to Cold Lake RCMP detachment commander Staff Sgt. Jeremie Landry the fight at the senior centre was anything but routine. Landry explained that drugs are suspected to be a factor in the incident. Landry said “His strength was superhuman. The officer [who was choked] is doing well. Obviously that would be a traumatic event for anyone, but the officer is doing well and has remained on duty. Prior to departing, RCMP members along with Cold Lake City Peace Officers cleaned up, there was a significant amount of blood throughout the bottom floor. You never know when that one call you are going to, which seems innocent at the start, could end up in an extremely violent encounter just as this one did.” Cold Lake resident 41 year old Darcy David Macdonald is now facing 2 counts of assaulting a peace officer, 2 counts of resisting arrest, and a count of overcoming resistance by choking to commit an indictable offence.

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