Timberlea Police Search Leads to Cocaine Possession Charges for 2 Men

A Timberlea search by local police a few weeks ago has led to cocaine charges for 2 men. Police have not publicly stated why they searched the residence and vehicle in question or what led to suspicions about the location and the men who were arrested. The home was searched on a Friday, along with a vehicle that was present at the residence, and police found a significant amount of cash along with a large amount of cocaine. 27 year old Kelowna resident Nour El Charif and 28 year old Edmonton resident Mahmoud Taliani were both arrested and charged with possession of cocaine for trafficking. Both men are also being charged with possession of property obtained by crime. After their arrests both Charif and Taliana were released on bail by the court and ordered to appear again on March 22, 2016.

The Timberlea search that led to cocaine possession charges against the 2 men is just the latest drug bust in Wood Buffalo. Problems with drugs and violent crime have been increasing in recent years although police have worked hard to keep the community safe and get the criminals off of the streets. A lot of the drugs seized in Wood Buffalo and the people who are caught dealing these drugs come from other areas and prey on the local community. The latest arrests for cocaine possession involve two individuals who are not local residents, and who most likely came to Wood Buffalo to sell drugs and turn a profit regardless of what this does to the law abiding citizens in the area.

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