Slow Cooker Program Launched by Wood Buffalo Food Bank Association

A new slow cooker program has been launched by the Wood Buffalo Food Bank Association in order to provide area residents with more food security, and the program is a year long initiative. The food bank has seen demand rise considerably. According to Arianna Johnson, the Wood Buffalo Food Bank Association executive director, things have reached a level last seen in the 1980s when the food bank was started. Johnson explained that “We started to look at programs we could be a part of.” The slow cooker program seemed like a good program to have. The program is designed to give the food bank clients a hand up and the opportunity to learn how to make nutritious and affordable meals without a lot of time or effort. The program started early last month and so far the feedback has been really positive.

The slow cooker program launched by the Wood Buffalo Food Bank Association involves 10 participants. Each participant will attend a total of two classes per week for 6 consecutive weeks, and when one class ends another will begin with new participants through the rest of the year. The weekly classes are held from 5 pm until 7 pm on Mondays and Thursdays. Each participant receives recipes, ingredients, and a slow cooker to use them with. The cost to cover the slow cooker program was covered by Shell and partner companies, and company employees are also encouraged to volunteer and donate time to the program as well. This program could be very beneficial for those in the region who struggle with food insecurity and a lack of healthy meal options.

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