Jacob Tremblay's Hot Dad Is Also a Hot Cop—Here's All the Proof You Need

Jacob Tremblay, Jason Tremblay


As if we didn’t need another reason to madly adore Jacob Tremblay

The 9-year-old Canadian native and this year’s breakout child star has a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination, is best friends with this year’s Best Actress Oscar winner, has hobnobbed with every A-lister in town, has undeniably hot parents and—to top off the never-ending list—his hot dad is also a hot cop. Our eyes just can’t handle the proof. 

On Monday, the actor shared an adorable collage of him and his dreamy father, Jason Tremblay, at the Vancouver Police Department, sporting matching aviator shades and a leather jacket. 

“I always bring my Dad to my work, but today I went to his!!!” Tremblay joked on his Instagram account. 

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Jacob Tremblay, Jason TremblayInstagram

The Room star had a busy day ahead of him, complete with posing with his dad in a cop car and mingling with other police officers over some doughnuts. When it’s Bring Your Dad to School Day, we’re pretty sure Jacob’s father takes the cake. 

Suffice to say, Tremblay is the coolest kid at school—if he even has the time to go these days. At least we know he’s squeezing in some time on the playground. Fittingly, he took a beat from his hectic schedule to reenact Leonardo DiCaprio‘s signature Titanic scene, but with his own improvised line. 

“I’m the king of the playground!!!!” he captioned a shot of him standing atop a metal jungle gym. 

No argument here, Jacob. You most certainly are. 

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