Gregoire No Longer Under Boil Water Advisory, Residents Can Use Tap Water Again

Residents in the Gregoire neighbourhood can safely drink and use their tap water again now that the boil water advisory for the area has been lifted. On March 6, 2016 a waterline break occurred along Gregoire Drive early in the morning, and a boil water order was issued by the Alberta Health Services. AHS was concerned that contamination was possible during the repairs and during the restart process when groundwater leakage into the line was possible. Any contamination could pose a health risk for residents in the area. The Boil Water advisory affected all of the residences and the businesses near the Gregoire Drive intersections of MacKenzie Boulevard and Grandview Crescent. Restaurants in the area were forced to shut down, and when they reopened Monday morning these businesses had to follow very strict procedures set out by local health officials.

Residents and businesses in the Gregoire neighbourhood affected by the boil water advisory had to either boil their water before using it or use bottled water. Those impacted by the waterline break and advisory could go to a location near the waterline break where the municipality was distributing bottled water to residents, and bottled water was also distributed at the South Operations Centre starting Monday afternoon. The municipality could not have the boil water advisory lifted until two water samples were taken 24 hours apart and verified clean and safe to use, and a provincial lab in Edmonton was required to test the water samples and verify the results. The advisory was lifted once both samples were analyzed and the water quality was determined to meet the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines.

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