Cut It Out! Dave Coulier Isn't Worried About Any Fuller House Critics

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When we think of the negative response to Fuller House, a certain Joey Gladstone catchphrase comes to mind—and it seems like Dave Coulier agrees.

The actor stopped by Jenny McCarthy‘s SiriusXM show Dirty, Sexy, Funny to talk about the Netflix revival and the surprising fact that not everybody loves the ’90s sitcom comeback, say whaaaat?! It’s true. Although we were ready with all of our Full House one-liners and eager to see what each character was up to all these years, there are some who just didn’t care for the entire idea.

But Coulier isn’t worried about them. “I think the fans really love what we put together,” he told McCarthy. “Because the critics have really never liked us. They’ve always ripped on us and so we really never paid attention to that. What we do pay attention to is what the fans want and that is the show that we gave them.”

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The host, like many of us, was surprised to hear that there were any negative reviews, to which Coulier responded, “We are getting some scathing reviews!”

He continued, “There was one guy saying it was like watching necrophilia. Wait a second. What’s going in your psychosis that when you watch an episode of Fuller House it triggers necrophilia? It’s like, ‘I watched Growing Pains and I went and shot a guy in the forehead.’ What triggers that?!”

Coulier added that the critics just need to, “Let yourself go into the fantasy, people. It’s not real,” and noted, “It’s easy to sit in the weeds and just launch hand grenades.”

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Regardless, the haters didn’t stop The Tanners from coming back for another season!

Netflix officially announced Wednesday that Fuller House will return for a second season on the streaming platform, which instantly sparked speculation as to whether or not Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who were absent from season one, would make an appearance for season two.

“I am still hopeful that Mary-Kate or Ashley or both of them will come back and be a part of it, even if it’s just for an hour. We miss that. Everybody does feel that hole in the family,” series creator Jeff Franklin said. “But it’s like, all family reunions, there’s always somebody that doesn’t show up. But hopefully next time around, we’ll have them back.”

Coulier shared with McCarthy that he was “disappointed that they didn’t come back because I wanted to see them,” adding, “I wanted to share this moment with them.”

However, he also admitted that he understands why the famous twins may have chosen not to return. “They haven’t done much acting and I am not sure how much I can reconnect with something I did at 8 months old wearing diapers.”

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Fuller House season one is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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