Ask an Expert Launching Soon, Part of Wood Buffalo Accelerator Program

The Wood Buffalo Accelerator program is launching the Ask an Expert program very soon, and the goal is to provide one on one expert access to entrepreneurs who need this. The program offers one on one and phone access to experts in a variety of fields and industries so that entrepreneurs can find the support, assistance, and answers that they need to be successful in the ventures that they undertake. A municipality statement from Business Development Officer Natasha Hartson stated “Entrepreneurs who register for a session will be given the opportunity to speak with the professional one-on-one for 30 minutes. These sessions are available in-person or over the phone. We encourage entrepreneurs to come prepared with questions and related documentation.”

The Ask an Expert program launch, part of the Wood Buffalo Accelerator program, will begin in just a couple of days, occurring on March 23, 2016. The very first expert for the program will be Fort McMurray accountant Staci Clevett. This expert will offer advice, guidance, and answers on tax and other financial issues that entrepreneurs may face. Interested entrepreneurs can register for the program at and the program events will be held at the Powder Drive Timberlea office of the municipality. The program is designed to offer support, and answer questions that entrepreneurs may have about starting or creating a business in the area. When interested individuals have the answers that they need they are more likely to be successful if they continue in their efforts. New start ups and fresh businesses in Wood Buffalo help the economy and the population in the area so everybody wins when an entrepreneur succeeds.

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