Artists From Fort McMurray will Travel to Greenland for 2016 Arctic Winter Games

The 2016 Arctic Winter Games will take place soon in Greenland, and 3 artists from Fort McMurray will have the opportunity to perform and bring some of their culture to the rest of the world. Artists Mat Cote, Camryn Hannigan, and Akshaya Lakshimi will represent their community in Greenland during the games, performing an original piece during VIP events and at the only shopping mall in the town of Nuuk. The artists are part of a cultural exchange program for the games. The piece that the 2 artists from the Fort McMurray community will perform is an original, and it is a dance, play, and rock piece that has been very popular so far. Mat Cote plays the guitar during the piece and he talked about the opportunity, saying “What am I looking forward too? I will now get to tell people I’m an international rock star.”

The piece that the Fort McMurray artists will perform in Greenland as part of the 2016 Arctic Winter Games was based on the traditional story that the Inuits have told about the raven, who is seen as a trickster and a deceiver. Westwood grade 12 student Lakshimi, one of the 3 artists chosen to represent the area at the games, talked about their performance piece and said “We kinda started out from nothing, we started with a story. And we were just told to take it into our context and see what we could do with it.” The performance is backed by the guitar that Cote plays, while Lakshimi provides traditional Indian dancing and Hannigan provides narration for the piece.

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