Michael Fassbender Recalls How a Horse Got Aroused by Him During Filming—TMI Alert!

Michael Fassbender, The Graham Norton Show

Here’s a fun little trip down the TMI memory lane. Did you know real stallions are not immune to the hotness that is celebrity stallion Michael Fassbender?

The 38-year-old X-Men hottie appeared on The Graham Norton Show on the BBC on Friday and talked about some rather embarrassing incidents while filming the 2011 movie Jane Eyre with a horse named Prince, who literally rose to the occasion when it came time for a ride.

“Well, he used to get quite aroused whenever I got on his back,” Fassbender said. “So, Dan the horse handler had to get on it and sort of, you know, canter him or give him a little trot so he’d sort of slap off his…retract it back in and then he was good to go.”

“Until I got on again,” he joked.

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Fassbender had also recalled the story in a 2011 interview with Artisan News Service.

“I seemed to have some sort of effect on the horse,” he said. “He would sort of…be sort of swinging along. It was quite an entrance, actually.”

His co-star Mia Wasikowska also told the story in an interview with Movieline.

“Michael had a very…huge effect on any horse he got on,” she said. “There was a horse on the third day of filming [when] we were shooting the scene where Jane and Rochester meet, and every time Michael hopped on the horse, it got a huge erection. And he’d get off and they’d run the poor thing around the block to try to make it go away, and he’d hop on it again and it would happen all over again, and they’d have to get him off and run it around.”

“It happened in rehearsals and then on the day of shooting,” she added. “So it was great.”

Mia Wasikowska, Michael Fassbender, Jane Eyre

Fassbender is currently promoting his newest film, Steve Jobs. He plays the title role of the late Apple co-founder in Danny Boyle’s movie, whose script was penned by Aaron SorkinSteve Jobs also stars Kate Winslet and Seth Rogen. It was released in the United States in October and hit theaters in the U.K. on Nov. 13.

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