Chaz Ebert to Speak at TEDx Conference in Kansas City


TED Talks have become some of the mostly highly-coveted
tickets in the world in the 30 years since the conferences started as a
four-day event in California. Twice a year, the world’s most important thinkers
take the stage to discuss the issues of the world and how we will face our
future. Past speakers at TED have included Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson,
Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, and many more. In the spirit of TED,
independent events called TEDx have sprouted up across the country, including
one tonight, August 30th, in Kansas City, at which Chaz Ebert will
be one of the speakers. Other speakers this year include Tommy Caldwell, Dara
Dotz, Scott Hamilton and Dr. Barmak Heshmat. You can learn more about the event
here and watch the trailer below.



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