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Thumbnails 7/30/15

1. “Marlon Brando’s Real Last Tango: The Never-Told Story of His Secret A-List Acting School”: An illuminating piece from The Hollywood Reporter‘s Benjamin Svetkey. “About 20 young acting students and a dozen established stars — including Sean Penn, Nick Nolte, Edward James Olmos, Whoopi Goldberg and Harry Dean Stanton — had gathered to learn at…

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Thickwood Assault Under Investigation by Wood Buffalo RCMP

The Wood Buffalo RCMP is investigating a Thickwood assault that happened last Tuesday. According to RCMP spokesperson Const. Mylene Michon the assault occurred at approximately 4 pm near the intersection of Signal Road and Eymundson Drive, with a male suspect being identified and a bystander who witnessed the crime as it occurred from the vantage…

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Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

The Tom Cruise-ist moment in the history of Tom Cruise films was the one in “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” where Tom Cruise’s super-agent escaped a 9/11 style bombing of the Kremlin and a false arrest as the main suspect and reunited with his commanding officer and said he was pretty sure he spotted the…

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Listen to Me Marlon

“Don’t bring anything into the present that doesn’t have the past.” The great acting teacher Stella Adler told that to Marlon Brando once. He quotes it in “Listen to me Marlon,” a posthumous autobiography. It is made from clips of Brando’s screen performances, video of Brando being interviewed, and hundreds of hours’ worth of personal…

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Art House Sirens American Western Blu-ray Double Feature: “Duel At Diablo” and “Monte Walsh”

Back in the day, when home video movie libraries were set to become a “thing,” rather than the cloud/streaming BS that is now “the thing,” MGM/UA’s laserdisc division began issuing two-disc “double feature” packages. Woody Allen’s “Bananas” and “Love And Death.” The Marx Brothers’ “At The Circus” and “Go West.” Kubrick’s “Killer’s Kiss” and “The…

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