Monthly Archives: June 2015

Into the Grizzly Maze

If you watch “Into the Grizzly Maze” expecting a testoerone-boosting animal attack horror film, you will not only be disappointed, but also want to swear off flannel, whiskey, fire-axe juggling, and other typical manly hallmarks. This is, after all, a boring man-vs.-nature film about two estranged brothers who try to shoot, and out-glower each other…

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TransCanada Announces 185 Layoffs to Cut Costs

TransCanada, a major pipeline company, has announced layoffs that will affect 185 positions. The announcements show that 100 full time employees will be laid off, and 85 contractors face the same fate. According to Mark Cooper, the spokesman for TransCanada, “These positions were removed following a restructuring of the Major Projects department that was designed…

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Is There a Goldfish Invasion in Fort MacMurray Storm Ponds?

A goldfish invasion seems to be occurring in Fort MacMurray, and the species could pose a threat to the waterways in Alberta. Environmental agencies are classifying the goldfish as an invasive species, and so far the Wood Buffalo Regional Municipality has removed approximately 40 of the fish from a single storm pond. These goldfish were…

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I don’t think Kimberly Levin’s debut feature “Runoff” entirely works as a story or a statement. But as an experience, it’s amazing—so unlike most other recent American independent films in its style and mood that if it weren’t for the present-day signifiers (cars, haircuts, clothes), you’d think it had been time-warped in from the American…

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“Max” is a case of the tail wagging the movie. Thank goodness it does, however, since the tale itself leaves a bit to be desired. Doggy derring-do has been a hallowed Hollywood tradition ever since the silent days when superstar canine Rin Tin Tin was disqualified from winning the first best-actor Oscar because of his…

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