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Thumbnails 6/30/15

1. “I couldn’t be their ‘happy girl’: Pixar’s ‘Inside Out,’ childhood depression and the emotional stranglehold of ‘Minnesota Nice’”: A marvelously personal piece from Salon‘s Libby Hill about Pixar’s latest masterpiece. “In Pixar’s latest effort, ‘Inside Out,’ an 11-year-old girl named Riley Anderson and her parents move to San Francisco from Minnesota. It’s a stressful…

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“Scream” and “Zoo” Seek to Raise the Summer TV Body Count

Everyone is looking for the next high-concept hit. With “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones” as massive role models, TV developers have learned that audiences like the thrill of not knowing who in the supporting cast will be around for the next episode. And that’s a model that’s likely to increase as other networks…

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Wood Buffalo Grants $1.5 Million for Medevac

The council for Wood Buffalo recently granted $1.5 million for the Local Helicopter Emergency Response Organization so that medevac services can continue to operate around the clock and will be available when needed. The grant payment will be spread out over a 12 month period. The vote by council members was unanimous. According to Phoenix…

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