Andrew McCutchen’s Simple Gesture Just Made 2 Young Pirates Fans’ Dreams Come True—Watch Now!

And this is why baseball remains America’s greatest pastime.

For two Pittsburgh Pirates fans, watching their favorite team play in person was more than enough to make them smile. But at the end of Saturday night’s big game against the San Diego Padres, the young kids got a surprise they never would have expected.

No, they didn’t catch a foul ball during the game. And no, they weren’t able to obtain the homerun baseball. Instead, they got something way cooler.

When the last play was made, centerfielder Andrew McCutchen—often referred to as the “Cutch”—ran up to the kids he spotted in the front row. Without any hesitation, he generously offered his batting gloves with no questions asked.

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As you could have likely guessed, their reactions were absolutely priceless!

With giant smiles on their faces and a few fist pumps in between yelling “thank you,” the boys appeared thrilled with the surprise. And here you thought cheering for your favorite player in the stands doesn’t get you anywhere.

“They’ve put together a group of good ball players, but also a bunch of guys who love playing with each other and having fun,” the announcer said after the moment was captured on video. “It’s nice to see.”

 Is it too late to join the “Cutch” bandwagon, because we’ve just become huge fans. 

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