Wildrose MLA Shayne Saskiw says disillusioned by politics and is leaving

Wildrose MLA Shayne Saskiw says watching nine of his colleagues cross the floor to the Tories shook his faith in politics and is a contributing factor in his decision to leave the legislature and not seek re-election. 

The MLA for Lac La Biche-St Paul-Two Hills made the announcement on Thursday. 

Saskiw was one of five members left in the Wildrose caucus after the mass floor-crossing to the Progressive Conservatives on Dec. 17.

“You just become a bit disillusioned with politics altogether,” he said.

“You know one day individuals are talking about keeping taxes low, not going into debt and then the next day, they’re saying the complete opposite. Now is the time to push for a model that pressures politicians to keep their word and promises and that to me it outside the traditional party model.”

Saskiw was first elected in 2012 and became one of the party’s most prominent members.

His wife Shannon Stubbs, is the federal Conservative candidate for the Lakeland riding.

Saskiw said he considered running for the Wildrose leadership but decided he would be more effective pushing for a slate of Wildrose candidates in the next election.

“I’ve been feeling for quite some time I could be much more effective outside of the party model in terms of championing the small “c” conservative values and beliefs that I believe in,” he said.

Saskiw will announce the Wildrose candidate for his riding on Friday. He described that person as someone who is experienced and credible. 



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