The RCMP Had a Busy Weekend After Numerous Highway 63 Collisions

Highway 63 collisions, RCMP

The RCMP had a very busy weekend after there were numerous Highway 63 collisions, with 10 separate accidents that involved a minimum of 17 vehicles. One male from Fort MacMurray was airlifted to the hospital because of the injuries sustained during a collision. The Boyle RCMP received a number of complaints about a stretch of highway 63 covering around 25 kilometers located near Wandering River. The complaints came in between 5 am and 9 am on Friday morning. According to Sgt. Kevin McGillivray a freezing rain which occurred the previous night contributed to treacherous roadway conditions and played a role in the numerous collisions and crashes at the start of the weekend. McGillivray stated “There was some freezing rain there. Weather certainly played a factor in the collisions that occurred on that date. This time of year, when we get rain when the temperatures are hovering around zero, can make for treacherous driving conditions.”

The numerous highway 63 collisions over the weekend had the highway closed in spots and the RCMP really busy at times. One collision caused a 34 year old male from Fort MacMurray to be taken to an Edmonton hospital by airlift because of injuries, but the male was released on Sunday after recovering and was in stable condition before his release. Traffic on Highway 63 in the affected areas was very slow or even at a standstill at times s workers removed debris, vehicles damaged in the collisions, and other safety hazards in the roadway. The highway was down to a single lane open for part of the day.

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