The 58 Most Important Things That Happened During the 2015 Awards Season

Award Season Recap

It’s done. The sun has set on beautiful, rich celebs honoring other beautiful, rich celebs. Awards season has come to a close, and though we had so much fun covering all the action, we kind of feel like this:

Award Season recap GIF

It’s fitting that a Lord of the Rings GIF sums up our emotions about the end of awards season, because the beginning of it calls for this LoTR GIF:

Award Season recap GIF

Anyway, let’s recap all the most important stuff that happened during the 2015 season of the red carpet: 

People’s Choice Awards

1. Chris Evans escorted Betty White to the stage so she could accept her Favorite TV Icon award, and we instantly became enraged with jealously. We weren’t jealous of Betty White; we’re talking about being jealous of Chris Evans! He got to be so close to Queen Betty White!

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2. Hosts Allison Janney and Anna Faris were sparkly, but we wish they were allowed to emcee the event entirely in their Mom characters.

Award Season recap GIF

3. Ben Affleck gave a touching speech after accepting his Favorite Humanitarian award: “I realize a life lived just for yourself is not much of a life.”

Ben Affleck, People's Choice AwardsChristopher Polk/Getty Images for The People’s Choice Awards

4. And Viola Davis threw mad shade at the New York Times critic who called her “less classically beautiful.”

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Golden Globes

5. Tina and Amy hosted for the final time, which means we probably won’t watch the Golden Globes anymore.

Award Season recap GIF

6. But we might watch it if Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig host, because their celebrity impressions bit was a highlight of the night.

Award Season recap GIF

7. Benedict Cumberbatch photobombed the s–t out of Meryl Streep.

Award Season recap GIF

8. Jeremy Renner made a joke about JLo’s “globes.” 

Award Season recap GIF

9. Jessica Chastain reacted like this to Tina and Amy’s Bill Cosby joke.

Award Season recap GIF

10. Chrissy Teigen‘s cry face became an Internet meme, but she took it like a champ.

11. Jennifer Aniston could not keep her hands off Kate Hudson, and no one blamed her one bit.

Award Season recap GIF

12. Paul Rudd and Jeff Goldblum sat at the same table and it quickly became the only table that mattered. Then Twitter stared campaigning for a buddy cop movie starring the two of them.

Paul Rudd, Jeff Goldblum, Golden GlobesTwitter

13. Tina Fey took down George Clooney in the best way possible with this zinger: “George Clooney married Amal Alamuddin this year. Amal is a human rights lawyer who worked on the Enron case, was an advisor to Kofi Annan regarding Syria and was selected for a three-person UN commission investigating rules of war violations in the Gaza strip. So tonight, her husband is getting a lifetime achievement award.”

Award Season recap GIF

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Critics’ Choice Awards

14. Host Michael Strahan decided to just take his pants off. If we had a dollar for every time we just wanted to rip our pants off then we could afford to not have a job and thus, we could be pantless at home all the time.

Michael Strahan, People's Choice AwardsChristopher Polk/Getty Images for The People’s Choice Awards

15. Reese Witherspoon took a selfie with an iPad which pains us because everyone knows taking selfies with an iPad is one of the worst things a human can do. 

Jim Toth, Michael Strahan, Reese Witherspoon , People's Choice AwardsChristopher Polk/Getty Images for The People’s Choice Awards

16. Jared Leto peeked at the Best Supporting Actress winner because he DGAF.

17. And Emily Blunt and John Krasinski were the epitome of everyone’s relationship goals.

Award Season recap GIF

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The Grammys

17. Beck won Album of the Year over Beyoncé and Kanye almost pulled a Kanye.

Award Season recap GIF

18. And Beyoncé fans were ready to burn the music industry to the ground over this “snub.”

Beyonce GIF

19. Prince deigned to appear at the Grammys and people lost their s–t. He also dropped the sassiest side-eye in history.

Award Season recap GIF

20. Kanye West and Taylor Swift made up and are now besties who brunch.

Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Grammy Awards, CandidsLarry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS

21. Kristen Wiig stole the show during Sia‘s performance. 

Award Season recap GIF

22. Taylor Swift danced. 

Award Season recap GIF

23. A lot.

Award Season recap GIF

24. Meanwhile, Pharrell plotted her death from a couple seats away.

25. And someone told Sir Paul McCartney to sit down, and was probably fired and/or maimed soon after.

Award Season recap GIF

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The Brit Awards

26. Taylor won her first Brit Award (for International Female Solo Artist) and was very excited about it.

Award Season recap GIF

27. Madonna didn’t listen to Edna Mode regarding capes and took a nasty spill during her performance.

Award Season recap GIF

28. But she got up and finished the song like a damn pro.

Award Season recap GIF

29. Kim Kardashian and Taylor danced side by side as Kanye performed.

Award Season recap GIF

30. And Ed Sheeran got hella crunk at the after party.

Ed Sheeran, BRIT Awards After PartyDavid M. Benett/Getty Images

Screen Actors Guild Awards

31. Emma Stone accidentally tripped Naomi Watts when the Birdman cast went up to accept the win for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.

Award Season recap GIF

32.Sofía Vergara may or may not have thrown serious shade at Julianna Margulies.

33. Orange Is the New Black finally ended Modern Family‘s four-year winning streak and took home the award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series. And they celebrated in the best way possible: Meryl Streep style!

Meryl Streep, Orange is the New Black, SAG AwardsChristopher Polk/WireImage

34. Frances McDormand was bored.

Award season recap

35. Rashida Jones had the best response ever when a reporter asked why she looked so tan.

36. And we found out that Michael Keaton‘s son is super foxy.

Michael Keaton, Sean Douglas, Rachel Bartov, Film Independent Spirit AwardsKevork Djansezian/Getty Images

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British Academy Film Awards

37. Stephen Fry calledPatricia Arquette “Rosanna Arquette” and she reacted with grace like the queen she is.

Award Season recap GIF

38. James McAvoy was disgustingly adorable with his wife on the red carpet. 

James McAvoy, Anne-Marie Duff, British Academy Film AwardAnthony Harvey/Getty Images

40. Tom Hiddleston tried and failed to use a selfie stick, and we loved him more for it.

41. Stephen Fry translated Benedict Cumberbatch’s name as “red hot public school totty” and Keira Knightley found it rather amusing.

Award Season recap GIF

42. Chris Evans and Henry Cavill dared to walked onstage together when they knew what it would do to ovaries around the world.

Award Season recap GIF

43. The Internet’s two favorite men posed together and no one was ever the same.

Benedict Cumberbatch,Tom HiddlestonDavid M. Benett/Getty Images

The Academy Awards

44. David Oyelowo‘s reaction to the “Glory” performance summed up everyone’s emotions during that song.

2015 Oscars GIFABC

45. Chris Pine also cried, but he did so with only one, single man tear.

2015 Oscars GIFABC

46. Everything was awesome.

2015 Oscars GIFABC

47. Meryl Streep was so onboard with Patricia Arquette’s moving speech about gender equality.

2015 Oscars GIFABC

48. Channing Tatum liked his Lego Oscar a little too much.

2015 Oscars GIFABC

49. Eddie Redmayne had the most endearing reaction to his big Oscar win.

2015 Oscars GIFABC

50. Benedict Cumberbatch kissed his pregnant wife and our hearts grew 300 sizes. We’ll be dead soon from the engorged muscle but it doesn’t matter because look how cute they are!

Award Season recap GIF

51. Scarlett Johansson also got a kiss. But it was from John Travolta. And it was the opposite of Benedict’s smooch.

52. And he got even creepier later in the evening.

2015 Oscars GIFABC

53. Seriously, what was going on with him?!

54. Ben Affleck whispered something into Jennifer Lopez‘s ear and it’s currently the biggest mystery in the world, especially since the dress color question has been solved.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, 2015 Academy AwardsGetty Images

55. Host Neil Patrick Harris stood on stage in nothing but his underwear because “acting is a noble profession.”

2015 Oscars GIFABC

56. Lady Gaga slayed her Sound of Music tribute and got to hug Julie Andrews.

2015 Oscars GIFABC

57. Benedict Cumberbatch just wanted the camera guy to leave him alone so he could enjoy his booze.

2015 Oscars GIFABC

58. And finally, Oprah was there and she single-handedly won the Academy Awards.

2015 Oscars GIFABC

And that was the 2015 awards season. It felt like it went on for eons. We’re pretty sure we aged quite a bit since the Golden Globes:

Award Season recap GIF

Until next year, guys. 

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