Rankin Inlet hockey players raise money for Wickfest

Raising up to $60,000 in nine months will be a challenge for a group of young hockey players from Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, but coach Mikki Adams says it’s a goal they can reach. 

“We just started about a month ago, but we’ve fundraised about $1,500 to $2,000 so far by doing penny sales, bake sales, teen dances and I’ve started two online campaigns.”

Last year, Canadian Tire sponsored 15 girls from Rankin Inlet to go the Wickenheiser Female World Hockey Festival. This year, the girls are hoping to raise the money to attend the event on their own.

Adams says the young hockey players who attended Wickfest last year got to meet Canadian Olympian Hayley Wickenheiser and teams from around the world.

She says the trip taught them about more than the great Canadian game.

“Experiencing what they experienced, it definitely helps boost their own self-esteem in themselves, and gives them a chance to see what goes on outside of Rankin Inlet.”

About 19 girls from Rankin Inlet are hoping to make the trip this year and, if there’s enough funding, Adams hopes to give other Nunavut players the opportunity to participate. 

“I’m going to extend an invitation to a couple of other communities who have one or two female hockey players so that they, too, can have this wonderful experience as well.”

This year’s festival will be held in November and 80 to 90 all-female teams are set to attend. 



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