New Wildrose leader Brian Jean asks Calgary candidate to step down after making ‘inappropriate’ comment

In one of his first tasks as new leader of the Wildrose Party, Brian Jean has asked Calgary Southeast candidate Bill Jarvis to step down.

Jean made the announcement Monday morning after learning Jarvis made an “inappropriate” comment during the Wildrose leadership vote this past weekend.

At a photo opportunity on Saturday, Jarvis can be heard saying, “We need lots of brown people in the front.”

“The comment was disrespectful and while I accept that Mr. Jarvis did not intend to insult, I will not accept inappropriate statements that fail to show respect for all Albertans,” Wildrose leader Brian Jean said in a statement. 

“I have asked Mr. Jarvis to step down and he has agreed,” he said.

Jarvis has apologized in a statement, saying his comments were not meant to offend. 

Brian Jean will make a public appearance in Fort McMurray Monday afternoon at 1 p.m.​ 



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