Many Alberta Residents Meeting the Physical Activity Requirements

physical activity requirements, Alberta residents

A new study shows that at least 60% of Alberta residents are meeting the recommended physical activity requirements, and this is something that is not always easy to do. In fact the high percentage was somewhat unexpected for some. Alberta residents often work long shifts, and the winter environment in the area is not always conducive to outdoor activity. The Alberta Survey on Physical Activity reports on the activity levels of Alberta residents, and it has since 1993. According to Dr. Christina Loitz sedentary activity is now factored in. “This is any sitting behaviour that people do, so things like sitting at a desk doing work, sitting while texting, watching Netflix or TV, even reading or playing instruments are included. What we found is … on average, Albertans spent nine hours a day seated on weekdays and 8 and a quarter hours on weekends, so that means half the population is even more than those numbers, so that’s a concern.”

When discussing the physical activity requirements of Alberta residents and a sedentary lifestyle Dr. Loitz stated “Being sedentary has negative health consequences that are different from just being physically inactive, That means, if I’m someone who exercises and gets my 150 hours a week of physical activity, but I’m also sedentary, I’m still at health risks, but if I’m someone who gets my regular exercise and moves throughout the day, I’m less likely to be at risk of poor health. Parking intentionally 10 minutes away from wherever your final destination is … can add 20 minutes of physical activity as well as 20 minutes not being seated. Another thing is in the workplace, set your alarm to remind you to get up hourly. Take a walk around, maybe go the washroom, fill your water bottle, go outside and see the sun.”

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