Is This What Blake Lively’s Daughter James Looks Like?! Check Out This Epic Baby Picture

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, MET Gala


Existence, check. Name, check. Face…

Still waiting.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds continue to hold out on us as far as revealing what their roughly 3-month-old daughter looks like, though Reynolds did recently relent as far as the name goes—sure enough, James, just as E! News was first to report.

But we feel that Blake has given us a clue here with this Throwback Thursday photo, taken when she had to be only around 2 or so.

“Chillin’ with my homies… #throwbackthursday #tbt,” the Age of Adaline star captioned her Instagram post featuring a wee version of herself wearing a 5-times’-too-big Nike T-shirt, her hair cut in a short shag, and seemingly surrounded by a few of her four siblings. (Blake’s the youngest of five.) 

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But we’d know those big blue eyes anywhere—and perhaps James inherited mom’s pretty peepers! Not that dad’s are too shabby, either…

“My mom liked to infuse my life with a lot of magic,” Blake says in O, The Oprah Magazine‘s April 2015 issue. “When she read my fortune cookies, the predictions were full of princesses and castles and jewels and pirates.”

Curled up playing old-school Nintendo on what appears to be a beanbag chair (nostalgia alert!) looks pretty fun, too!

Meanwhile, though she’s been pretty active on social media of late, Blake and Ryan are keeping little James all to themselves for now.

Ryan Reynolds, Blake LivelyCYVR/AKM-GSI

“She’s got me wrapped around her finger,” Reynolds gushed on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on March 2. “I am a slave to the rhythm [of fatherhood].” 

“We could end wars if we just carpet-bombed places with baby head smell,” the proud new dad suggested. “We’d just be like, ‘What are we doing, guys? Come on. Let’s lay down our arms. Let’s high five each other to death.”

Finally admitting on Today last week that his daughter’s name was James, Reynolds said, “I didn’t want to be the first guy screaming it out to the media. Because as we know, little girls turn into teenage girls and little teenage girls sometimes scan through the archives and go, ‘Why did you do that?'”

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