For Wildrose, a picture is worth 120 empty promises

The Wildrose party sent someone out with a camera this week to take pictures of empty fields.

Those photographs, the official opposition said, are proof that Premier Jim Prentice’s recent update on school construction is “nothing more than PC electioneering and broken promises.”

The Wildrose released the photographs Wednesday to prove, they say, that work has not yet started on any of the “Phase 2” schools listed as under construction in Edmonton.

The photographs were taken on March 11, the Wildrose said, only one day after the premier told the legislature that those schools are “under construction.”

In a statement, Wildrose Leader Heather Forsyth said when Albertans hear “construction” they expect to see shovels and hammers at work, not empty fields.   

“Albertans know what construction looks like, but I’m beginning to wonder if anyone in this government does,” Forsythe said. “Not a single one of these seven school sites has a shovel in the ground – not even close – and these are only the ones we’ve checked on.”

Alberta’s infrastructure minister, Manmeet Bhullar, said earlier this week that schools promised last fall will go ahead despite tough economic times.

He said of the 120 “phase 2” schools announced in 2013-14, one has opened, 38 are now in construction, one is being planned, 54 are being designed and 26 are out to tender.

The Wildrose said the photographs taken this week show that’s not the case.



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