Christina Milian and Her Family Head to Palm Springs and Someone Gets the Surprise of a Lifetime—See the Turned Up Clip!


In the above sneak peek to the Christina Milian Turned Up finale, everyone heads to Palm Springs in hopes of taking a happier trip together. 

But what happens next, no one saw coming.

Danielle Milian and her husband Richard have had extremely difficult marriage problems, but on the season finale, he is ready to put that all behind them and plans to propose to her, again! How sweet is that?! 

NEWS: Christina Milian is hosting a live Q&A after the finale this Sunday!

Christina Milian and her family are all really there for this very special occasion that Danielle is in the dark about.

Watch the above clip to see the heartwarming lead up! 

Tune-in to the hour-long season finale of Christina Milian Turned Up tonight at 10/9c on E!

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