Changes in Grading for Grade 12 Supported By Fort MacMurray School Districts

Fort MacMurray school districts, grading for grade 12

New changes in grading for Grade 12 which are being implemented, and this move is supported by both Fort MacMurray school districts. According to the new guidelines school grades will count for more than diploma exam marks for students in Grade 12. The change means that the previous 50/50 split between the two factors will now be 70% school grades and 30% diploma exam marks. This new policy reflects that classroom work and grades require more time and effort. George McGuigan, the superintendent for the Fort MacMurray Catholic School District, said “The move is a positive one, because what it will do is allow for more of a reflection of the students’ performance in their school work with the teachers, because they’re the ones that work with the students on a regular basis, There are far more opportunities for students to be successful in their learning through numerous assessment practices versus a one-shot exam.”

Doug Nicholls, superintendent for the Fort MacMurray public school district, also supports the grading for grade 12 changes in the Fort MacMurray school districts. Nicholls explained “We believe it will reduce stress on students, while at the same time, providing a meaningful percentage to a Grade 12 final examination. We believe it was the right thing for students, the right thing for Alberta and we support it. Teachers have the whole year to assess student progress and students knowledge. The 70% allocated for the school-awarded mark, we feel, should give every teacher and every student the information and evaluation that is fair, and now with the weighting being reduced to 30, we feel it is the correct balance for students.”

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