Chanel 2015 handbag campaign “3 Girls, 3 Bags” stars Kristen Stewart

Chanel 2015 Campaign Chanel 2015 handbag campaign 3 Girls, 3 Bags stars Kristen Stewart

All photos courtesy of Chanel.

By Jasmine Roberts

After teasing us with news that Kristen Stewart[1], Vanessa Paradis and Alice Dellal would be the new faces of Chanel’s 2015 handbag campaign, the French luxury brand finally released 3 Girls, 3 Bags, featuring each woman representing one of the iconic Chanel handbags: 11.12, Boy and Girl.

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Shot by in black and white by Karl Lagerfeld[2], Kristen Stewart embodies the 11.12, channelling the persona of a modern and fundamental woman, while Alice Dellal continues her story with the Boy bag: She fronted the bag’s launch in 2013, showcasing her inner punk-rock attitude.

Chanel 2015 Campaign2 Chanel 2015 handbag campaign 3 Girls, 3 Bags stars Kristen Stewart

Venerssa Paradis takes on the Girl handbag, expressing a soft femininity in nothing but a pearl necklace[3] and the Girl Chanel cross-body bag.

Kristen Stewart is on Instagram[4]
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Karl Lagerfeld sketches Coco Chanel[6]

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