BASE Jumpin’ may be a ‘gas, gas, gas’ but burns up resources, police say

Charges are pending against three BASE jumpers who leapt from a downtown construction crane Monday night.

Around 11 p.m. three men in their 20s broke into the construction site at 86th Street and Jasper Avenue to parachute jump off the crane, police say.

Police responded with patrol cars and Air-1, nabbing the suspects near the scene.

“Individuals who engage in this type of behaviour are making a selfish decision that negatively impacts the rest of the city,” said Supt. Kevin Galvin in a news release.

“These people have little regard for the number of police resources that are dispatched to this type of call — a situation where it was believed someone was in distress.

“These types of incidents pull police resources that are already overstretched away from those who do require assistance.”

BASE jumping usually involves a leap off fixed objects with a parachute. BASE is an acronym which stands for four types of objects from which jumpers can make the leap – a building, antenna, span, or Earth.



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